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Amanda Carver

In life, everyone will suffer. Yet, when we suffer we feel alone. We carry on as if everything is okay while carrying heavy loads.  We all need a safe place to unburden ourselves; to connect with someone and explore our troubles, connecting them to our past and processing in order to move forward. Since 2009 I have had the privilege and honour of being that ally for many people. I have worked with people facing anxiousness, experiencing loss, difficulties with family or spouses, personal or professional crises and insecurities.

I focus on treating concerns including, but not limited to, depression, stress, anxiety, career issues, self-esteem, grief, relationship struggles, parenting, and sexual orientation. Many of my clients are young emerging adults and I often work with others in the helping field, including teachers and social workers. I love working with families, helping with parenting styles and walking with adolescents as they form identities. I have significant experience with trauma work.

I am honoured by each person who I join with and am humbled by the stories shared with me. I offer a non-judgemental approach with energy, creativity, and empathy. I prefer to get to know the whole person, tailor my approach to that person, and build on personal strengths.

I look forward to meeting with you and learning best how to support you!